City Camping prices & our services for an unforgettable vacation

Important information

Important information all about your unforgettable stay at City Camping Brunico

Price information

The price does not include the local tourist tax of € 2.50 per day for each person (over 14 years old).

  • Payment is made at the machine on site upon arrival
  • Payment options: Credit card, debit card, cash, Smartpay
  • Price: € 35.00 per day (24 h) and space
Included services & benefits

The City camping card, which you can top up at check-in, includes the following flat-rate services for stays of at least 24 hours 

  • Use of the waste disposal point (service)
  • Electricity
  • Hot water, showers
Holiday information & things worth knowing

Our parking area regulations:

  • Registration / check-in: The registration of all travelling companions must be made within 30 minutes after arrival at the area. All necessary steps are listed in the reception area. The recharging of the Citycamping card is also possible there. Entry and exit is possible with this card except 1 (one) hour before the end of the paid stay (departure).
  • Please consider the night rest times from 22:00 to 07:00. Entry and exit times: possible around the clock.
  • Free space selection. Please park the vehicle within the marked areas (note wooden beams marked in red) and respect the privacy of the neighbours.
  • The entire outdoor area, as well as the reception room for check-in has video surveillance.
  • Setting up tents is not permitted.
  • Pets are welcome, but they should be kept on a leash throughout the area and are not allowed to enter the building. Dogs should do their business outside the area, there are separate dog waste bins on the walkway along the river.
  • Minors may only enter the area when accompanied by adults.
  • As a clean environment is important to us: Please throw all rubbish properly separated into the respective disposal boxes. Empty the chemical toilet and waste water tank in the designated area.
  • Please only wash the dishes in the sinks provided for this purpose.
  • Please leave the wet area always clean and tidy.
  • For safety reasons, it is not allowed to have a barbecue with charcoal on or near the vehicles.
  • The power connection may only be made with CE standardised material.
  • City Camping Brunico accepts no liability for lost, stolen or broken items, nor for personal injury or property damage including storm damage or damage caused by force majeure.


By entering and registering at City Camping Brunico, the guest accepts all of the regulations listed here. Anyone who does not follow the rules or who disturbs the harmony and hospitality can be expelled from the site.