City Camping Brunico: how it works – all infos & good to knows

Fully automated freedom and security

The fully automated system is very easy. It offers two options:

  • staying for at least 24 hours staying at Citycamping and using the services
  • without staying, only use of the disposal point (service), the cost is € 10.00 – you have 30 minutes for the service

Drive in and stay:
  • Drive up to the barriers up to the marking
  • Take a City camping card and drive in
  • Choose a parking space
  • Check in within 30 minutes at the machine in the lounge /  check-in area
    Select the duration and enter the number of people, have documents of all travellers ready and follow the instructions. Pay for the desired stay.
Driving out:
  • Insert the City camping card into the machine at the exit barrier, the barrier will open.
  • Exit is possible with this card at any time except 1 (one) hour before the end of the paid stay (departure).
Drive in and only use the disposal point (service):
  • Drive up to the barriers
  • Take a City camping card and drive in
  • Pay for the service at the machine (€10), use it within the next 30 minutes and drive out.
More useful information
  • Payment is made at the beginning of stay by topping up the City camping card.
  • By simply topping up the City camping card, you can extend your stay at any time.
  • If the exit is denied due to staying too long, the difference must be paid at the pay station – select “Extension” on the display.
  • After exceeding the 30 minute disposal service, the barrier does not open and sends you back to the pay station.
  • The door to the service building can be opened with the Citycamping card, as a minimum 24-hour stay has been paid for.
  • With the City camping card, you can drive in and out of your parking space throughout the duration of your stay except in the last 1 (one) hour of the stay.
  • By entering the parking area, the guest agrees to the Privacy policy automatically (which can be read at the ticket machine).
  • Should the entry be denied this means that all parking spaces are occupied.